Review: Fruity Matching HD makes produce recognition fun again

Match and memorize fruit with a basic toddler-friendly touch game.

While not a particularly ambitious app, Fruity Matching HD is well designed, and when combined with the numerous other apps in the suite, featuring the same characters--almost all free--you have a nice mixture of fun experiences for preschool-aged children and toddlers.

When first opened, Fruity Matching HD shows you a mixture of all the different apps that are available from the developer. Each can be downloaded through the App Store to the interface on this screen, allowing you to access them all together. If you choose not to download any other apps just yet, you can start matching fruit. There are two options for this--either direct matching (two lemons and two cherries on the screen, for example) or memory matching, in which the fruit are shown and then flipped over with question marks. Both are easy to use and touch-to-play so they are perfect for small children.

Fruity Matching HD is a decently made app that small children will enjoy and that is not loaded with upgrades and paid in-app options that will drain your wallet. While the ad placement can be problematic for small children, especially, the overall look and feel of the game is appealing and your children will learn quite a bit.

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