Review: eGallery Lite falls short of streamlining the photo-tracking process

Create a digital record of your gallery.

The purpose of eGallery Lite is to help users create a digital, interactive gallery in which they can store and track items. The concept is smart and the tool (the iPad) is a perfect one for it, but the execution of this particular app leaves quite a bit to be desired.

To start, eGallery Lite is unnecessarily hard to use. It opens to a blank item entry and offers no clear direction on how to fill out the boxes on the screen. You must create a category, then load that category, then create an item, load that item, and finally edit the item. This complexity is unnecessary and counterproductive to the goal of the app. While technically eGallery has a number of features including item number tracking, make and price interface, photo and note boxes, and more, the search function proved inaccurate, and numerous times we experienced slowdowns and bugs that caused the app to crawl.

What eGallery attempts to do is exceptionally useful. An app that would organize, track, and allow one to search through items in a gallery--whether digital or physical--is a very good idea. Unfortunately, in its current form eGallery Lite has too many barriers to entry. The clunky interface, slow response time, inaccurate search, and general messiness of the app are all issues that need to be resolved. For now, we recommend one of the many database creation tools currently on the App Store.

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