Review: Crossword Puzzles for Kids Lite is too light on the content

Complete picture-cued crossword puzzles with your children.

Crossword Puzzles for Kids Lite produces a unique, engaging experience that is unfortunately a bit too light on content to last longer than the initial play through.

The concept behind Crossword Puzzles for Kids Lite is very basic. There are two options--classic crosswords or riddle crosswords. The riddles usually just consist of one clue missing from the puzzle. Each clue is a picture shown next to the word that needs to be filled in. The use of pictures is generally good and the word choice, appropriate. The letters all appear at the bottom of the screen and can be dragged into place with a quick tap, as well. The interface is well designed in this way, though there are some instances where non-clue columns or rows form non-words, which can be confusing for some children.

The design and execution of Crossword Puzzles for Kids Lite cannot be faulted. While the graphics and layout are very basic, the puzzles are well thought-out. The major issue we found with this app is the lack of content. The free version includes only eight puzzles that can be completed in less than five minutes. Even after upgrading for $1.99, there are only 48 puzzles, which for most children won't last long. If you want a quick vocabulary-focused game for your child, consider Crossword Puzzles for Kids Lite; but don't expect it to last long.

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