Review: Count 10 x 10 is too complex for basic counting lessons

Practice counting with bananas on an open grid.

Counting apps like Count 10 x 10 are theoretically very useful. The learning concepts and the theme behind this particular app are well chosen, but the execution of its interface and the lack of features beyond the core concept are enough to make it a tough recommendation.

The idea behind Count 10 x 10 is very basic. Bananas appear on a 10 x 10 grid. You must enter the number of bananas on the screen and tap the "check" button to proceed. Children can also tap the bananas and they will become highlighted, helping little ones to count them. It is a very well thought out concept for young toddlers or preschool-aged children learning to count. However, the large grid, small graphics, and small number pad are all needlessly complicated. Combined with a messy interface, lack of general features, and fuzzy graphics, Count 10 x 10 is a very bare-bones app that never rises above the basic premise, which it promises in the title.

There are a lot of free apps on the App Store designed to help small children learning to count. While Count 10 x 10 has the right idea, there is work to be done on the execution. As it is now, it is too basic in many ways to be a useful educational tool. If you are eager to help your child learn to count at a very basic level, consider a different app.

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