Review: Bird Sounds Free puts a call to the bird, but does little else

Tap each bird to hear a song or call.

Bird Sounds Free allows users to learn more about the birds they are looking for, at least sonically-speaking. It's easy to use and provides crystal-clear bird calls.

Bird Songs Free is a fairly basic app, providing a very basic interface and limited features beyond the basic functionality promised in the title. It opens with a grid of bird pictures. None of the birds is labeled, so unless you know your way around a chart of bird pictures, you'll be largely tapping at random. There is no way to know the accuracy of the bird calls in the chart either, but there is great variety, and the app plays them quickly and clearly. Essentially, if you are interested in learning more about what common North American bird species sound like, this is a useful app, albeit a little limited in some key ways.

There are many reasons why you might choose to download Bird Sounds Free. The app is easy to use, the ads are non-intrusive, and the bird calls are clear and of high quality. The lack of a key, no additional features, and a fairly basic interface limit how useful the app can ultimately be; but it works well so it is worth a download for the bird lovers out there.

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