Review: Increase your children's love of produce with Baby Learns Vegetables

Tap and learn vegetable names and types with this Baby Bus app.

Part of the Baby Bus suite of apps, Baby Learns Vegetables, helps a child between the ages of 1-3 learn the basics of vegetables (even if it can't get your little one to eat them).

The opening screen for Baby Learns Vegetables is familiar for anyone who has used a Baby Bus app. A bus with all of the apps currently in the App Store appears here. You can tap the one you've just downloaded or look through and download others. Each is a separate app, however, meaning they will load separately onto your device, and the interface, itself, can be confusing, so it's recommended you get the games started before giving them to a child. The games, themselves, are well designed, though. Cute, colorful, and fun to play, you can either match vegetables in a match 2 game or you can tap them on a grid and the game will describe them. It seems very basic, but the design and entry for this app are perfect for any young child.

If you have young children and are interested in sharing with them more educational apps on your iPhone, then consider Baby Learns Vegetables.

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