Review: Teach your children well with Baby Learns Shapes

Help your children learn their shapes with these easy-to-play games.

Baby Learns Shapes is one of many high-quality apps produced in the Baby Bus line that your children will love.

The basic idea behind Baby Learns Shapes is easy to grasp. There are two games that involve matching a specific shape with a cutout. The second game is a matching game as well, but has a collection of objects on screen--children must choose all objects that match a shape shown to them in the game. So a circle might flash onscreen and the child must find all items that are round like a circle. This mechanic is so simple in concept, but combined with the quality of the design, the cute theme, and the engaging controls, it is a perfect experience for young children. The one weak point of the Baby Bus apps is the sometimes-awkward initial interface and the presence of ads on some screens that children will almost certainly tap.

If you are eager for your child to learn shapes or simply want a game or app that is engaging and educational for a young preschool or toddler-aged child, then Baby Learns Shapes is a great place to start.

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