Review: Turn your child into a fruit connoisseur with Baby Learns Fruits HD

Help your child learn the basics of different kinds of fruits.

Baby Learns Fruits HD is the iPad version of the popular Baby Bus: Baby Learns Fruits app, and it is one of the more engaging offerings from the line. Using the same basic interface and design that has made the Baby Busy line of apps so popular for young children and their parents, Baby Learns Fruits is a great way to engage a young child and help them learn at the same time.

Most Baby Bus apps come with two games, but Baby Learns Fruits HD comes with four, making it even more engaging than others in the series. Games include match 2-style play, tap and listen (in which the game will call out the name of the fruit), find the hidden fruit, and a fruit-ninja style game in which fruits fly across the screen and must be tapped as they appear. The design of the game is excellent, the animation is engaging without being flashy, the music is fun, and the games are the perfect level for young children. All the way around, the game is well designed. The one major flaw of Baby Learns Fruits (or any Baby Bus game for that matter) is the sometimes awkward initial interface and the ads that your child will almost certainly tap by accident.

Despite those minor drawbacks, Baby Learns Fruits HD is a great game that will keep young children engaged and eager to learn more for long stretches of time; it's a great addition to your iPad if you have a toddler or preschool-aged child.

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