Review: Baby Learns ABCs HD teaches letter-learning on the iPad

Help your child learn their ABCs on your iPad with this intuitive app.

Fairly simple, highly polished, and heavy on the cuteness factor, Baby Learns ABCs HD is perfect for children ages 1-3. Part of the Baby Bus suite, this app is a must-download for parents.

The app features two simple, interactive games for young children. The first is a driving game in which children must move a car to capture the letters that appear onscreen. The second is a sing-along of the ABCs. Both are very rudimentary, but production values are high, which helps to keep the attention of the child using the app, and the interaction level is perfectly matched to the target age group. The one major issue this app has, as is the case with all Baby Bus apps, is the messy home screen interface and presence of numerous ads that are easy for children to tap.

If you overlook the messy interface and ads that you'll need to keep your children from tapping, Baby Learns ABCs HD is a well-made app that is easy for a child aged 1-3 to use and enjoy, all while learning a fundamental concept in a fun way. Download this and any of the other Baby Bus apps today if you are interested in providing an iPad learning experience for your children.

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