Review: Baby Learns ABCs sprinkles fun onto the letter-learning process

Free app shows children how to recognize letters at a young age.

One in a long line of stylized and thematic apps for children aged 1-3, Baby Learns ABCs is produced as part of the Baby Bus suite of apps and uses the same basic interface and style of delivery as the other free apps it is often marketed with. This is a good thing, of course, as the Baby Bus apps are among the best on the App Store for young children just learning their numbers, shapes, or letters.

The Baby Learns ABCs app, in particular, is one of the better of the Baby Bus apps, combining music, games, and simple tap-and-learn mechanics to teach children letters with cute characters and an intuitive design. While there are only two modes for the app--a sing-along of the ABCs and a driving game that requires children to snag the letters as they appear on screen--both are perfectly suited for children in this age group. The home screen interface and navigation is at times frustrating due to the number of apps that appear and the ads that can be a little too enticing for young fingers.

Despite the small issues we found with the interface and the need for parental oversight while the app is open, Baby Learns ABCs is one of the best letter-learning apps on the App Store for toddlers and pre-school aged children. If you are eager for a new app to help your young child learn letters, download this one today.

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