Review: Baby Learning Shapes HD teaches basic concepts to small children

Check out this cute and intuitive interface for learning basic shapes at ages 1-3.

Part of the Baby Bus suite of learning tools, Baby Learning Shapes HD focuses on teaching shapes to young children.

In the case of this app, the same basic Baby Bus interface greets you when the app is first started. This is one of the apps' biggest weak points as the screen is cluttered with menus, upgrades, and other apps that the developers entice you to download, not to mention ads that your children will almost certainly find a way to tap. Once you get past the home screen interface, however, the game is well-constructed and enjoyable. The animations are cute, the music is amiable, and the shape matching is simple and intuitive for children as young as one or two years of age. From matching individual shapes to recognizing shapes among household objects, the game is very well constructed for the age group it targets.

If you are eager to expose your child to simple, educational apps at a young age, Baby Learning Shapes HD is a good place to start, as are any of the Baby Bus learning apps. Download it today and learn why so many of these apps are being used to teach basic concepts to toddlers and pre-school-aged children.

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