Review: 8 Ball Pool brings your favorite barroom game to your iPad

Play 8 ball pool on your iPad with realistic physics.

Mini Clip's 8 Ball Pool combines the pick up and play mechanics of many of the App Store's most compelling and addictive games with the physics of a realistic pool game to create a very engaging, online-enabled game with dozens of features that are perfect for a quick game of pool or for perfecting your touch screen technique.

When you first start 8 Ball Pool, you can choose to create an account using Facebook or Mini Clip or just play as a guest. The account feature is solely for online play and is optional, so don't feel like you have to create one to play. After creating your account, you can start playing games, either to practice or one on one against online opponents. The interface is clean and uncluttered, the mechanics are pitch perfect, and the physics are solid, making for enjoyable pool, even before you consider the online components. With online play, the game is immensely addictive, on par with any of the "with Friends" games.

Like other online-enabled matching games, Mini Clip's 8 Ball Pool is token enabled. You gain a certain number of tokens every day to play and must spend them to participate in a match. You can level up as you play matches and either wait for your tokens to unlock, or buy new ones with real world money. However, this in-app purchase mechanic rarely becomes an issue due to the number of tokens you can acquire daily and the duration of games. Overall, 8 Ball Pool is a very well-made game with many features to recommend it.

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