Review: Meme up your world with Webmemes for Safari for Mac

Add images to your chat windows and social networks with Webmemes for Safari for Mac.

Frequent chat users may want a way to quickly add photos and emoticons to their writing. Webmemes for Safari for Mac is a basic application that allows images to be added to social networks, but ultimately is not varied enough for long term use and doesn't work quite as intended.

Webmemes for Safari for Mac is available as a free add-on, but despite its name the download would not read with Safari in our tests. Using a different browser did allow the add-on to be installed, which completed without any user interaction required. There were no instructions, but the simple program did not require them. Once the browser is restarted, the program adds a small icon next to the URL bar that is easy to identify. Pressing the buttons brings up a new menu with a selection of images and memes to choose from. These are then inserted into the chat window. While functional, it is unfortunate that the application has only about 30-40 images. It would not take a typical chat user long to go through these, making the program less useful over time.

While functional, at least in one browser, Webmemes for Safari for Mac's limited options make it a less useful tool for those looking to add meme images to chats.

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