Review: Toki LineTest HD for Mac creates drafts for pro animators

Make pencil tests more easily using Toki LineTest HD for Mac.

Despite its dated design, Toki LineTest HD for Mac easily creates early drafts of professional animators' work, and has all of the functions likely needed by these users.

The program offers a free trial version with a 60-frame limit. The full program costs $69.90. The download completed quickly over a high-speed connection. The installation folder contained readme, instructions, and license files in several languages, which was a nice feature. It was unclear if technical support was available, but the program started up without any problems. The instructions were a particularly useful feature since the main menu is not intuitive. Toki LineTest HD for Mac's appearance is poor with only partially defined graphics on the large buttons. Users can create new files or load previously saved ones. Other editing buttons are likely to be familiar to animators, but others would need to consult the instructions to decipher them. The program's drawing features were relatively rudimentary, but during testing worked well for creating basic scenes and images.

For those professional animators who need a program to quickly create drafts and scenes, Toki LineTest HD for Mac works well, despite its dated and cluttered menu.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Toki LineTest HD for Mac 4.6.5.

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