Review: Soften your screen brightness with Screen Shades for Mac

Adjust the tint and brightness of your screen with Screen Shades for Mac.

When working in a dark environment, some users may find their screen to be too bright even when the brightness is already on the lowest setting. With Screen Shades for Mac, users will now be able to fine-tune their Mac's brightness even more.

Screen Shades for Mac is very basic freeware. The app is small in size and the installation only took a few seconds to complete. Upon launching the app, a menu will pop up, allowing the user to turn on the effect, which will add a tint and darken the screen of their Mac. Right below the on/off switch is a slider, which you use to adjust the tint and brightness to their desired level. The app comes with four default tint colors, but users can add their own tint by using the built-in color picker tool. However, the app will only allow one custom tint. Despite that, the app does what it's supposed to and offers an easy-to-understand interface.

For users who often work in a dark environment or simply have sensitive eyes, Screen Shades for Mac could definitely be a lifesaver. It works well and comes free of charge.

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