Review: Play your music with Meson Player for Mac

Play your music without any frills with Meson Player for Mac.

Some users may want to play their music files with a program that has fewer bells and whistles than ones like iTunes. Meson Player for Mac is a basic, functional music player, but some laptop users may have trouble configuring the hot keys properly.

The download completed quickly and the program's installer automatically placed it in the applications folder. There were no dedicated user instructions or technical support readily available, but the program did have a basic display of its hot keys and the functions attached to each. The application, itself, has no menu beyond a simple drop-down along the top of the Mac. Right-clicking on an MP3 file and selecting the program starts it. The song then immediately begins. When using a laptop without a number pad for testing, locating the hot keys took some trial and error since the regular number keys present did not work. Meson Player for Mac also had trouble playing some secure file types from Apple, but most worked without any problems. The application also has the capability to shuffle songs from the same folder, which worked adequately.

For those users who want a basic, no frills music player, Meson Player for Mac works fairly well, though laptop users who can't resolve the hot keys' issue might want to pass on this one.

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