Review: Clean your system with Maintenance (Mountain Lion) for Mac

Clean and maintain your Mac system easily with Maintenance (Mountain Lion) for Mac.

Lack of maintenance will most likely lead your Mac to become sluggish or less responsive. Maintenance (Mountain Lion) for Mac allows you to maintain the basics of your system without much hassle; but without a scheduling function, you'll have to remember to run it manually.

The installation of this free application is quick and easy. Maintenance (Mountain Lion) for Mac also offers a rather basic but quite intuitive interface. The application displays a single window divided into sections where users can select which tasks they wish to run. Users can select a single or multiple options by checking the boxes next to specific tasks, and the program will do the rest automatically. However, there's no option to set the schedule for automatic maintenance and cleaning, which would be a welcome option since it's offered by most maintenance software. The program also monitors the user's hard drive with the S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology) system, which will notify the user of potential hard disk failures and help them back up their files before they are gone forever.

Although it's fairly capable maintenance software, Maintenance (Mountain Lion) for Mac lacks some of the features present in most well-known Mac maintenance apps. Nevertheless, it could still be a very helpful tool for those who need a straightforward way to maintain and clean their system.

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