Review: Install and modify kernel extensions with Kext Drop for Mac

Drop kext files in for installing, using Kext Drop for Mac.

Advanced Mac users may want the ability to install programs, called kext files, to modify basic system information. Kext Drop for Mac, while simple and with limited features, works well for installing these files.

Kext Drop for Mac is free. The application downloaded quickly, but had no technical support or user tutorials available. The program's small and uncomplicated menu is well thought out, though. The entire program consists of a small window with no buttons. A dotted box indicates the place where the user can click and drag kext files. Users can also select them by file from the top drop-down menu. Once released, the programs install into the system quickly and completely. There are no additional features to the program, which, since it is freeware, is not a distraction. Unfortunately, its target users would likely already know how to install these files, normally--and would not need the program.

For those few advanced Mac users who need a way to easily install kext files, Kext Drop for Mac is a basic and easy-to-use option.

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