Review: Alter and enhance your picture files with Image Tricks for Mac

Alter and enhance your picture files with Image Tricks for Mac.

With the large number of photo editing programs available, choosing a useful one can be difficult. Image Tricks for Mac does have some good features, but it appeared to be missing one of the most basic editing options. And with its muddled interface and lack of user guidance, less experienced users might feel that the learning curve is too steep.

Tricks for Mac offers a free trial version with some filter restrictions. The full version requires a payment of $19.95 to activate. The download completed quickly and there were no unnecessary user agreements to accept, which was welcome. Unfortunately, this simplicity extended to a lack of user instructions, which was a problem since the main menu was cluttered and difficult to interpret. A drop-down menu allows for selection of photos to import, and the left sidebar contains most of the filtering options. The right sidebar contained the border and framing features. Color filter options were easy to apply and revert, making playing with the features easy to do, but the number of options made it difficult to locate commonly-used, photo-editing features. Cropping, one of the most used editing features, did not appear to be available, which was a disappointment.

For users who are more concerned with visual filters in photo editing, Image Tricks for Mac may be a good option, but we suggest taking a look at other more full-featured and intuitive programs.

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