Review: BlueStacks for Mac lets OS X users run Android devices on their desktop

Run your favorite Android apps on a Mac with BlueStacks for Mac.

Google's Android platform has grown exceptionally well over the years, with tons of new apps added to the Google Play store every day. BlueStacks for Mac offers a solution for users who want to download and enjoy their favorite Android apps on their Mac, too.

BlueStacks for Mac comes as free software that is supported by ads. Download takes a bit longer as the app is 112MB in size. The installation, however, is quick and easy. After the installation process completes, users can start searching for their favorite apps using the search bar or browse though more than 750,000 apps available on the Google Play store. After selecting the app, BlueStacks will download and install the app automatically, in just one click. However, when you first launch the app an advertisement will pop up. While the ads are rather distracting, the app functions perfectly fine. Users will find the app a pleasure to use, especially those who are familiar with the Android platform. Even though it's very functional, the app lacks a clean, polished, and refined look; but this is acceptable since the app seems to be in beta.

Other than the distracting ads, BlueStacks for Mac is a very capable solution for any Mac user looking for a way to run their favorite Android app on a Mac.

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