Review: Monitor detailed battery data using Battery Time Remaining for Mac

Get estimated battery time remaining info and some other more detailed information about your battery with Battery Time Remaining for Mac.

Keeping track of the Mac's battery life can be critical, especially if you are working on your Mac without a power source. For comprehensive information on that all-important topic, Battery Time Remaining for Mac allows you to keep track of battery life, temperature, and all things related to your Mac's battery.

Battery Time Remaining for Mac is a free app that displays an estimate of the remaining battery hours right on your menu bar. Installation is just a quick drag-and-drop process and there's an option to set the app to launch automatically every time you turn on your Mac. Even though some users may think of this app as unnecessary, this app does more than just displaying the estimated battery time remaining. It allows you to track how many battery charge cycles you had on your Mac so you can get an idea of when you need to get your battery replaced. It also shows more detailed information about your battery such as the current temperature of the battery.

Battery Time Remaining for Mac offers a very easy-to-use yet functional solution for any user who wants to have the option of seeing the remaining battery life on their Mac. This app could be useful for both average and more advanced users.

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