Review: Protect your files, apps and personal data with KeePass2Android app

Protect your Android device with this free password manager.

KeePass Password Safe is the popular open-source password manager. While creative misspellings make its name the butt of jokes, strong security makes the gag not only funny but oh-so-true: Protecting your passwords is definitely CYA 101. That's what KeePass does. So KeePass users with Android devices will definitely want to check out KeePass2Android from CrocoApps. And so will you, if you have an Android smartphone or tablet and want to protect your files, apps, URLs, and other data with strong password strings (without having to type each one in every time). Like KeePass, KeePass2Android is free.

KeePass2Android's rudimentary interface has three thumb-friendly buttons: Open File, Open URL, and Create New Database. We tapped the latter, entered a name for our database (we could also change the directory), and pressed Create. Next we entered and re-entered a password (or key file) and KeePass2Android responded by displaying our newly-created database with two groups already added: eMail and Internet. We could add new groups or entries to the main list, or press to open any group and add sub-groups and entries to it. Like KeePass, the Android app can store a lot of data, including comments, extra string fields, override URLs, expiration dates, and additional strings and attachments in its data fields. Aside from the simplified, Android-specific controls, KeePass2Android works much like the Windows tool, and it's also compatible with the installed program's .kdbx file format. One option we enabled is Quick Unlock, which works just like the main program, letting us open apps quicker by entering our password once and subsequently unlocking protected files and apps with a shorter string we could configure under the Application Settings. KeePass2Android also offers Database Settings as well as the ability to change the Master Key, sort entries by creation date or name, and even translate the KP2A keyboard output.

Quick Unlock is essential for daily use. After entering our whole password once, we merely had to swipe in the first three characters and tap Quick Unlock to open protected files, quickly. Like the installed program, KeePass2Android is a keeper.

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