Review: Download and play iTunes podcasts with Podcast Search for Android

Download and play iTunes podcasts on your Android device with this free app.

The iTunes Store holds thousands of free podcasts, but what if you're an Android kind of person? That Apple is tempting, but don't bite; adapt! Androids who are also Pod People can simply download and play iTunes podcasts on their alien devices. It's easy, thanks to apps like Wagachat's iTunes Podcast Search. The name describes this free iTunes browser for Android: It searches iTunes for free podcasts that you can download and play or share on your little green robo-phone. Like the podcasts, themselves, Podcast Search is free, though it displays banner ads in your notification area. We've seen worse, though, and it's not annoying enough to forgo Podcast Search's capabilities, if the app works for you. And there's no need to download any iTunes apps: Podcast Search goes right to the source. We ran iTunes Podcast Search in Android 4.1.1.

Podcast Search opened with buttons of mitten-friendly size in a toolbar that also featured a world map icon above a smaller bar displaying our location. Pressing the map opened a menu that let us change our country from a nearly complete list (some small nations use their neighbors' settings). Some users have reported problems with the country settings in similar apps, so Podcast Search's easy-to-use option may be an improvement. Tapping the Settings button accessed a much more extensive suite of controls and options, including tools for managing subscribed feeds, downloaded files, and basic app settings, such as Search Options and Result Count. We tapped iTunes Search, but that involved downloading a similar free app. Returning to Podcast Search's main view, we entered our searches and quickly received some good results. We could Preview, Share, and Subscribe to Podcasts with a few taps and swipes. Tastes and interests vary, and podcasts are no different, but with so much to choose from, you're sure to find something you're interested in.

With iTunes Podcast Search, Android users can access the desired content without switching their device. Like Android, this free app gives you more choices.

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