Review: Save and secure your passwords with the free Android app Iron Dome Password Manager

Save and secure your passwords with this free Android app.

The Iron Dome Password Manager is a free Android app that protects your passwords with secure 256-bit AES encryption--the same strength used by banks. Your data is secured on your device instead of being transmitted or hosted somewhere else. Iron Dome Password Manager doesn't require special permissions, but it does display ads. You might encounter Password Manager under the One Money name; and there's an unrelated game with the same name, too. We tried Iron Dome Password Manager in Android 4.1.1.

We installed Iron Dome and tapped the Start button. Step 1 is creating a master password, which must be a minimum of four digits, all numbers. When you unlock Iron Dome, you simply enter your code on a number pad. To add records to Iron Dome, we simply tapped the plus sign, entered a caption (such as Facebook, Bank, or Twitter) and username, password, URL, and category. We added our online bank's secure URL, our username and password, and some challenge questions, and then tapped the check mark to save our entry. Tapping a globe icon let us copy our log-in or password for the site, edit or delete the record, or open the site. Some secure sites may require you to type in your username and password, but Iron Dome makes that easy by displaying them in its main list view under All Categories or the ones you add. We could also designate Favorites, which together with Categories makes it easy to organize and quickly access a huge number of secure records. The ads aren't too annoying (we've seen much worse) and don't distract from the app's easy-to-view layout. There's not much to customize with this free app, though.

Poor memory has led us to reuse the same passwords over and over again in the past. Iron Dome Password Manager puts a stop to that foolishness by keeping your various passwords together and safe from all eyes but yours.

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