Review: Blast bubbles for baskets full of fun with the silly Android shooter Bubble Safari

Blast bubbles for baskets full of fun with this silly shooter for Android.

Zynga's Bubble Safari is a good ol' arcade-style Match-3 shooter game in a free app for Android devices. With 89 puzzles and plenty of rewards to earn, Bubble Safari takes only a few seconds to master but can keep you entertained for hours, if necessary. With an Android smartphone or tablet, you can have fun and stay sharp, simply by popping a bunch of colored balloons. Zynga's free game is compatible with Android 2.3.3 and higher; we played it on a Samsung phone running Android 4.1.1.

Bubble Safari's colorful backgrounds and buttons are better designed than many other free Android games. Connecting via Facebook earns bonus items, which can help when you're starting out and trying to unlock new levels and features. But we started with nothing but our wits and reflexes to pit against the masses of colored balloons. The premise is simple: You're an enthusiastic monkey who can aim and shoot different colored balloons at a mass of colored balloons. Hitting and popping the right colored balloons scores points and unlocks capabilities, especially when exploding balloons send fruit falling into your basket. You aim the shooter with your finger and tap to fire. In some games, you need to change the color of the balloon you shoot to match layers. On Fire mode lets you blast away at different targets, and occasional pitfalls keep you on your toes. Of course, we could turn the game's music and sound effects on and off in the Settings, a must for games designed to be played on the go, and potentially with lots of other people surrounding you. The game displayed our current and high scores and rewards after each round and also in its notification area.

We've played lots of Zynga's games, and Bubble Safari is typical of the breed: well rendered, easy to play, and plenty of fun, and maybe even close to addictive. As with most Android games, the animated rewards can get tedious, but you've earned them, so no complaining allowed! It's hard not to smile while playing Bubble Safari.

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