Review: Create and share photo strips with ShotStrip

Create thematic, eye-popping photo strips with users around the globe.

ShotStrip is a unique and ingeniously crafted app that combines the best of services like Pinterest and Instagram to create a curated photo community that allows you to be as creative and interactive as you want. With numerous features and tools and a robust online community, this is sure to be the next big thing in photo sharing apps for the iPhone.

The concept of ShotStrip is simple. Take up to six photos and combine them into a strip. Name the strip and make the photos thematic or as random as you want. For each photo, you can edit and adjust to your heart's content, with a number of filters included in the app's photo editing suite. The best part is that not only can you upload and share your strips with other users, you can leave them open so other users can add to them. If you add only three of the six photos that can be included in a strip, any user who can see your strip (set in your privacy settings) can add another three photos to that strip. Taking photos in the app is easy or you can add new ones from your library, and the filters ensure quality and size are always consistent.

ShotStrip is a fun-to-use, inherently social, and community-based photo-sharing app that will only continue to grow as more people participate in adding images to the strips produced by its users. If you're looking for the next big online photo-sharing tool, check this app out today.

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