Review: Capture your audio with RecordIt Lite

Record, play back, and share audio notes.

The iPhone has a perfectly functional, but generally very sterile audio recorder. It works well for what the device is designed for--taking quick notes-- but it's not necessarily a good browsing or sharing tool. So RecordIt Lite offers a more user-friendly design and some additional features to make the process of recording audio and sharing those recordings easier. The free version, however, does little to differentiate itself from Apple's recorder, making it a judgment call on whether you want to change.

The app is simply designed to look much like other Apple apps--with the notepad feel of many of its native apps. Tap the record button and enter a name for the person who is being recorded, and then start recording. The recording is saved to a list onscreen that can be played back with a tap, or you can view its data, including length and date. Sharing is done via e-mail only, but is quick and easy. While viewing the files and interacting with them is easier than other recorders, RecordIt does little to stand out from the crowd, at least in the lite version.

If you are eager to find a new recording tool that provides robust additional tools for recording, editing, and sharing, RecordIt may not fulfill your needs. But for easy-to-use recording tools and single-touch sharing via e-mail, it works quite well and is worth a try.

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