Review: Apply filters to your photos with Quick Lomo

Snap and share filtered photos on your social media profiles.

More than ever before, smartphone users are sharing their experiences through photo and video on networks like Instagram and Facebook. Naturally, that popularity has spurred the creation of hundreds of apps that attempt to do something very similar. Such is the case with Quick Lomo, an app that applies a simple filter to each of your photos before uploading them to your social media profiles via Steply.

Quick Lomo is a simple app with only a handful of options. You can choose a photo in your library or take a new one and apply one of three filters to it (in the free version). You can then connect your account through Steply to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, and a handful of other sharing services. Each photo can then be instantly shared from Quick Lomo to those networks. The process is actually rather quick, but there are just too few options in Quick Lomo to recommend it as a replacement for any other photo filtering or editing tool on the App Store--especially since the built-in camera app can share to most major social networks just as fast.

If you are eager for a replacement for Instagram or another photo filter, there are many options on the App Store that don't require an account. Quick Lomo simply doesn't offer enough tools at the free price point to make it worth a download.

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