Review: Manage your many passwords with Password-Manager

Store passwords in an easy-to-access, slightly more secure app interface.

The average iPhone owner has approximately 20 online accounts. Some people have dozens or even hundreds of log-ins and keeping track of them all is not easy. Password-Manager is designed to help you keep track of those passwords in a single place, on your phone, where you can access them all--wherever you happen to be.

When you first open Password-Manager you must set a master password. This is only four digits on the number pad, however, so it doesn't make any of this that much more secure. It's better than storing it on a notepad on your phone, but not by a lot. Still, the interface makes keeping track of these passwords fairly easy as there are tiles for each of the different types of passwords you're likely to have, including: bank accounts, gaming, Web sites, and e-mail. With a decidedly flat, tiled interface, it actually looks quite good, though the lack of customization can be frustrating if you have more than four categories of passwords. Still, saving passwords and accessing them later is very easy.

Password-Manager is ad supported and created by an unknown developer. Combined with only a four-digit protection, it is hard to know how secure it will make your passwords. However, it is still better than a notepad on the device that can be freely seen by anyone, and the interface is very easy to use. If you need a tool for organizing your passwords, this is worth checking out.

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