Review: JustCloud lets you back up your files on the go

Back up and store files to the cloud from your mobile device.

Due to the limited storage space and cost of iCloud on iOS devices, cloud storage tools are very popular. So the JustCloud app is one of many highly-competitive and well-constructed apps that provides a load of tools for anyone interested in backing up files and making them accessible anywhere. Is it on par with some of its competitors or just another option in the crowded cloud marketplace?

To use JustCloud you will need an account. You can register for a free account from your device, which gives you 100MB of storage. You'll need to download the app on your desktop and other iOS devices to start syncing. The actual interface, however, is very mobile-friendly. With separate buttons for your devices, syncing and uploading of files, and a media menu where photos, videos, and songs are all separated, you can easily find information without having to manually pull it apart as you upload it. Syncing is relatively fast and files open quickly inside the app or can be opened with a third-party app. It's truly like having another hard drive on your iPad or iPhone. Because the app is universal, you can use it for any iOS device and the syncing will make mobile working very easy.

If comparing JustCloud to other cloud storage services, there aren't a lot of features here that you won't find elsewhere. The interface is certainly among the best on the App Store, but the size of the free account is prohibitively small with the cheapest option for upgrade being $35 per year for 75GB. It's a low annual cost, but with no in-between option, it's a steep entry fee.

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