Review: Customize your wake-up experience with Jettsion Alarm Clock

Customize your alarm clock with this space-themed, wake-up app.

The iPad has no built-in clock app, which means no alarm clock. So apps like Jettison Alarm Clock offer a more robust experience than using your phone or one of the many free but feature-barren apps for the iPad. With a number of fun quirks and many ways to customize your wake-up experience, Jettison is a great tool.

With twilight in the sky and the stars above, Jettison Alarm Clock is all about the experience. It has numerous customized alarm sounds; volume, tone, and snooze-duration settings; and statistics that you can view after you've used it for some time. That's as far as the free app goes, but it works very well as an alarm clock; and the swipe gestures to access menus, hit the snooze, or turn the alarm off, manage to be intuitive, even when you are half asleep.

While the free version of Jettison is quite good, there are a number of tools and features that allow you to expand what this app can do in the Advanced Version. Because you can use the Advanced features for five days before paying for them, it is fun to see what they entail. From motion snooze using the device's camera to alarm duration, exponential snooze settings, and interface adjustments, the modest upgrade cost ends up being well worth it for the more robust version of this app. If you want a powerful, feature-rich alarm app for your iPad, consider Jettison Alarm Clock.

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