Review: Upload files with ease, using iUploader Free

Upload files to Web sites with your iPhone or iPad, with this customized browser.

More people are moving a good percentage of their computing to mobile devices, yet there are very real limitations to what these devices can do. From downloading and saving files to uploading your files via standard forms, it is often more difficult to interact with Web sites on a phone or tablet than on a computer. That's where iUploader Free comes in.

iUploader Free is a proprietary Web browser that allows you to upload files to Web sites using standard upload buttons on those sites. By loading files into the iUploader folders, you can then upload those files--in whichever format--to the server you are trying to send them to. This works for any site that supports on-page uploads of attachments. At the same time, any site or page that supports downloading files will also work in iUploader; it will save those files to folders in the app that you can access later or export to another app. The concept is great because this is a tool that is sorely needed in iOS, but the execution is not perfect. Quite a few sites do not work properly and because of Flash limitations on any iOS device, there are many forms that will never work in an HTML browser. Combined with a browser that has limited functionality and the need to transfer files rather cumbersomely between other apps, you have a tool that requires quite a bit of extra work to use.

All that said, iUploader Free works well for most basic HTML uploads and because there are so few alternatives, it is a very useful tool if you need to upload files on the go.

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