Review: Take notes with EvoNotes Pro

Attempt to take notes using this cluttered, uneven mess of an app.

Note-taking is ideal on an iPad or iPhone. It's mobile, it's wireless, and it's in your hands. But there are some note-taking apps that pull it off, and others that fall flat. EvoNotes Pro is of the latter camp, and then some. One of the messiest, note-taking apps on the App Store, EvoNotes is filled with convoluted menus, confusing interface design, and features that only occasionally work as you expect.

The first screen you see is a newsstand-style bookshelf. On it is a book of tool tips (and a help function?) that does not open when you tap it, and is impossible to read when you do open it because of a toolbar that takes up a big chunk of the screen. Mislabeled options or buttons with no labels add to the confusion. EvoNotes does allow you to draw out notes or take audio notes, and it will record even when the app is closed--all good features--but actually saving your notes and sharing or accessing them later is not easy. Combined with strangely slow load times when changing pages in the app and a large triangular banner in the free edition, EvoNotes is exceptionally hard to use.

You can unlock various features in EvoNotes with in-app purchases at $2-$3 each (the entire app unlocks for $6), but the lack of overall design focus, a messy interface, and a confusing menu system, both when reading and taking notes, make EvoNote Pro an app you should avoid if possible.

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