Review: Add effects to your videos with Animoto Videos

Create videos from existing clips or images and add numerous effects.

Animoto is one of those apps that open numerous new possibilities in terms of what you can do with your iPhone camera. The idea is very basic. You can create videos with your photo library or video library, snipping and cutting clips together and then laying them over background tracks, and add additional effects to create a complete video you can then share.

When you open Animoto you can choose to register for easier sharing and syncing or you can use it as a standalone app. Whatever you choose, you can immediately access your photo library to create a new image. Just tap any image or video you want included and start creating you new video. For any video, you can add new videos or photos at any time, lay down a background track, change to one of nearly 20 free styles, or add text to the screen as a slide or overlay. The effect is very similar to what iMovie can do but it works faster and it is free. Combined with a clean, attractive interface and the bevy of additional themes and slides, you have a very powerful app.

If you create or record a lot of videos, don't overlook Animoto. This is a truly impressive app, loaded with features and tools that will help you create an exceptional video. Whether you choose to share a video online or just show it off to your friends and family, locally, it is one of the better video creation tools on the App Store today.

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