Review: Manage your files and transfers with ZipApp Free

Transfer, open, and create new files and folders on your iOS Device.

The iPad and iPhone are perfect for file transfers. They are portable, have remote connections to the Internet and allow you to access the files and view them on the go, something that a flash drive cannot do. However, file sharing is very limited as it is and requires a third-party app, so there are tools like ZipApp that allow you to quickly and easily move files from your computer to your device.

The concept is similar to other iOS file sharing tools--open the app and click on the upload or share button. Now go to a computer and open the IP address URL provided by the ZipApp interface. This will create a browser window between your iOS device and computer so you can move files back and forth. You can easily create new folders in ZipApp with the tap of a button and they will appear in the browser interface on your computer, and you can even create new text files that can be edited from within the app. There are numerous options including the unarchiver feature to open Zip folders, search functions, backup functions, and more.

As a file transfer and management tool, ZipApp is very feature rich, especially for a free tool. With a single ad at the base of the application and seemingly all of the core tools intact and working properly, it is one of the better options on the App Store right now for free file transfers. While it could use some work in terms of connection speed and the interface, the tools are all there and work well.

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