Review: Create magic-sketch photos with Wondershare PowerSketch

Create customized, magic-sketch photos with your iPhone camera.

The most impressive thing about PowerSketch is that it works on the fly. There are many photo editing or augmentation apps that allow you to change the features in a photo or make it look different than it should after the fact, but PowerSketch shows the final image as you view it, within the camera screen. Even more impressive, it can do the same thing for videos, making this one of the better photo manipulation apps on the App Store.

PowerSketch is a well-designed app from start to finish. Designed to look like a notebook and featuring a number of options for taking photos, editing them, adding backgrounds, and creating collages, it is more than a one trick pony. At its core, though, PowerSketch's main feature is sketching images within your photos. While in Magic Shot mode, simply tap the effect button to change the active effect and start recording or snapping photos. From hand-drawn sketches to picture in picture, you can manipulate and alter the way an image will look on the fly, giving you much greater control over how your finished images or videos will look. The biggest issue with PowerSketch, and what keeps it from being a true must-download, is that it is rather slow. The app loads slowly, takes photos slowly, and generally doesn't respond to input immediately.

While PowerSketch is a low-cost app that has more than a dozen features you'll absolutely want to experiment with, the performance issues can be frustrating and make it less enjoyable to use. If you can look past the occasional slowdown, however, this is a very feature-rich app that will allow you to do things you never before dreamed possible.

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