Review: Guess the picture with Wipe It! Free

Wipe and guess the picture before your friends.

Wipe It! is a basic game designed to be played quickly between two friends either wirelessly or in person. That simplicity has made its way into almost every aspect of the game design, including a bare-bones interface and occasionally vague picture descriptions when solving puzzles. Nonetheless, it is a fun take on a basic concept that many people will enjoy playing.

The idea behind the game is very rudimentary. You are presented with a blank screen, under which is a picture. As you wipe away the top layer to reveal the picture beneath, you can start guessing what it is. Each round you are limited in the number of guesses you can make and every wipe adds to the percentage you've cleared. If you and your opponent both clear the puzzle, the one with the lowest percentage wins. It works quite well, though there are some issues. The interface is a bit slow and very sterile. The pictures are plentiful but often hard to guess because they are needlessly vague or overly specific.

All that said, there are those who will revel in the guessing action of Wipe It! Because it is integrated with Facebook and allows you to match up against players wirelessly, either randomly in the game or through a central server with people you know, it can be entertaining for hours. If you like games that tax your brain and force you to imagine what you are seeing, then this is the app for you.

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