Review: Test your pop culture savvy with What's the Icon?

Guess the icon in this fun, pop culture-heavy iOS game.

Our culture is filled with memorable, generation-defining icons, whether a logo from a popular company or a face from a classic TV show or comic book. It is with that in mind that you will play What's the Icon?, a game of memory or pop culture savvy that asks you to recognize the characters, logos, and silhouettes of the past and present.

The app has few menus but dives right into the action with level after level of icons and graphics that you must guess the names of. For each icon, there is a hangman-style letter guessing game in which you get 10 to 15 letters to choose from in writing out what you see. The lowest levels are easy, but a lot of common logos and icons are often slightly misshapen or stylized, both to make it harder and avoid copyright issues. Others are as you see them in the store, and there is a definite slant toward pop culture with comic book characters and film icons. That said, there is something intrinsically pleasing about guessing these icons and testing your knowledge against your friends. Each icon can be downloaded as background wallpaper for your phone, as well, which is a nice touch.

Ultimately, What's the Icon? is a great game for anyone who likes to test their pop culture knowledge. It is filled with fun icons, modern interpretations of classics, and a fun but basic game interface that you can pick up and play anytime. If you enjoy testing yourself with games like this, then download What's the Icon? today.

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