Review: Alter the sound of your voice with Voice Changer Plus

Record and change your voice in real time with multiple filters.

Voice Changer Plus is not necessarily unique, but its clever interface and integration of multiple free voices and sound effects for altering or even transforming a recording are not only well done, but also incredibly fun to use. This is a very feature-rich, free app that provides all of the core functions in the lite version, and that makes it easy to use without any unnecessary menus or barriers.

Open Voice Changer Plus and you are shown a single screen where all of the functions can be accessed. The first step is to record your voice as you say something. Then you can move the dials onscreen to alter your voice, the effect on your voice, and the background noise on the track. So you can sound like a robot, choir, or guitar among other things. Effects include echoes, slower or faster playback, and that fun sound your voice makes when talking into the back of a fan. You can also change the background sound to a helicopter, jungle, slot machine, or others. You can also edit the tracks, trimming out parts of the audio, which is displayed at the top of the screen.

All of this is very easy to do and the results are entertaining and cleverly implemented. More than that, it is fast: recutting the audio track quickly between each change. The lite version is fairly robust, though it does lack saving and sharing functionality if you want to take your voice changes out of the app. Nonetheless, if you enjoy apps that alter or tweak your voice, this is a great one to try out.

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