Review: Create beats with Ultimate Beat Maker [Dubstep] HD1

Create your own Dubstep beats with this basic but effective app.

The drum pad and beat maker app craze continues with the release of Ultimate Beat Maker [Dubstep] for the iPad. The app, designed with nearly 50 different Dubstep and electronic music beats, allows you to set and combine any of those 48 beats with the tap of a button. While lacking in a number of features that would make this a must-own app, it is still very fun to use.

This is a very basic app, basically providing a map onscreen of 48 Dubstep beats that you can choose from. Tap any of the multicolored blocks and a beat will start. Tap it again and it will stop. There is also a button at the bottom of the screen to stop all of the beats currently playing--something you'll eventually need. The effect is occasionally noisy but always fun if you enjoy playing with beat-creating apps like this. The problem, of course, is that none of the beats are labeled so it's impossible to know what you're pressing without a lot of trial and error. Additionally, there is no recording, sharing, or labeling option so you can't easily replicate what you create in the future.

Ultimate Beat Maker is a tool that works quite well if you have the time to memorize the beats and practice with it. As an app, however, it lacks tutorials, menus, and additional features to warrant a download--for someone eager to learn Dubstep techniques. If you want something fun to play with, however, give it a shot.

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