Review: Add instant messenger capabilities to Twitter with TwitChat Messenger

Interact with Twitter followers and friends directly from this intuitive, user-friendly app.

There are many Twitter clients and apps that promise to enhance the Twitter navigation and communication process. However, not all of them follow through, and others are lacking in key areas. TwitChat Messenger manages to not only augment the core Twitter experience, but also add additional features in a robust, easy-to-use package, all for free, making it one of the best third-party Twitter apps on the App Store today.

The premise of TwitChat Messenger is that instead of the open forum that Twitter normally is, you can use it as an instant messenger, complete with notifications and user invites via the app. It supports group chat, picture messaging, public chat using hashtags, and has numerous privacy tools to make sure you only share messages with people you want to share messages with. The interface is incredibly elementary--streamlining the menus but ensuring that every possible feature you'll need is immediately accessible with just a couple quick taps. The messaging feature is great, but so too are the core Twitter features, including hashtag searching, and interacting with your follower and following list .

TwitChat Messenger is one of the most feature-rich, and best laid out apps currently on the App Store for Twitter. It's easy to use, adds powerful functionality to an already amazing tool, and the free version doesn't leave out a single tool or feature you will need to get the most out of this app. If you are looking for a more powerful Twitter client, this is it.

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