Review: Kill some time with Tap 'n' Pop Classic (Lite)

Tap and pop balloons in this modified match three game.

The app store is filled to the brim with match-three games--variations on a classic formula that offer varying degrees of originality. That said, there are some that really pull it off--providing a unique experience that is at once familiar and new enough to warrant hours of time invested in it. Tap 'n' Pop Classic is such a game, albeit with a handful of issues that can make it frustrating in some circumstances.

The game is immediately familiar to any match-three players. You're shown numerous balloons of different colors. Tap a cluster of two or more (it's more of a match 2 than match 3) and then tap again to pop them. The goal is to pop enough balloons and uncover prizes and hidden items to move to the next level. The screen does not refill with balloons until you clear a level, and there are modifiers that allow you to change balloon colors, a tool that can be used to great effect as you move to higher levels. The game is actually very well constructed and a lot of fun to play, even if it's not always 100 percent clear what you are doing or why you are doing it. The lack of tutorial and the cluttered menus can be frustrating at times, but for those that figure out the basic mechanics, there is a lot to enjoy here.

Tap 'n' Pop Classic is a great game. It may have some flaws, but at its core it does everything it is supposed to do quite well and it can be immensely entertaining, especially as you move to higher levels. It does need some work, but for those willing to look past the flaws, it is quite enjoyable.

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