Review: SVG Notes lets you create and store notes

Create and store notes in a user-friendly format.

Why create a new interface when you can borrow heavily from Apple, a company that has become known the world over for its commitment to exceptional interface design? That's the logic behind SVG Notes and it works surprisingly well, organizing notes in an iBooks-style layout that makes finding your recent notes easy, and using the app, pleasant.

This is a note-taking app, but it goes deeper than that by integrating a number of other features. To start, you'll be greeted with a bookshelf interface that looks a lot like iBooks. Tap the Library button and you can view all of your books by category or subject (depending on what you are using this app for). Tap the "+" button to add a new note and you're taken to the composition screen. You can choose from among four cover types and five different paper types, all of which look quite good. The creation menu, while loaded with features, is hard to navigate at first. There are more than 20 icons onscreen, none of them labeled, and you'll only need a handful to take actual notes. However, you can easily record audio, add photos, draw pictures, add shapes and lines, or just freestyle your notes on the screen. This is a truly flexible note-taking interface once you get the hang of it.

SVG Notes often feels like it is trying to find an identity among all the features and borrowed design choices. Somehow, however, despite all the noise on screen, it works. If you need a more feature-rich note-taking app that will allow you to add content any way you want, check out SVG Notes.

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