Review: Spy Calc Free helps you hide photos and videos

Hide pictures and videos behind a perfectly functional calculator app.

There are dozens of calculator apps on the App Store, so opening someone's phone and finding an app called "digital calculator" wouldn't cause anyone to bat their eyes twice. Except, this particular digital calculator is actually Spy Calc, an app that hides private photos and videos behind the fa?ade of a boring calculator interface.

The tool is ingeniously made. The front-end calculator uses the built in iOS tools to recreate a digital calculator, but adds a password to it as an extra layer. You can use the calculator or you can enter your password and get into the backend where you will find photos and videos you don't want a snoop to find. The free version works seamlessly, providing access to these photos and videos only to the person who knows the log-in. While load times are a bit slow, that probably serves you well as it will further deter someone from further exploring this app.

The idea behind Spy Calc is great, and the execution is even better. This is an easy-to-use app that will serve anyone trying to protect personal information or recordings very well. As a free app it is a perfect tool for protecting your information, or you can upgrade to the paid version and use the same tool to store documents and other files you'd prefer other people don't see. However you choose to use it, Spy Calc is a must download for people with secret files on their phone.

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