Review: SonicJunkyEqualizer equalizes your music levels and more

Much-needed equalizer for iPhone with limiting performance issues.

The SonicJunky Equalizer provides a number of features and tools for playing your music either locally or on a Bluetooth-enabled device. With multiple presets, volume controls, and level adjustments, you can do incredible things with this app, but only if you are willing to spend some time learning how it works best.

At first glance, SonicJunky Equalizer looks amazing. An app that provides seven band equalizer options on your phone--what's not to like? After adding songs and starting a playlist, without any DRM issues, as it integrates with your music app, the tool will stream music to a Bluetooth device of your choosing. The problem is that there are too many things that cause issues with playback. From skipping tracks to freeze-ups during playback, it has issues in many situations. We had playback stop when receiving messages without restarting. We had the skip track button freeze, as well as the play button, upon first starting the app, and certain tracks never played. When it works properly, and it will most of the time, SonicJunky Equalizer is a great tool. When it doesn't, it is immensely frustrating.

As a free app, SonicJunky Equalizer is impressive in its scope. It does so many things that other music playback apps do not. However, with so many limitations, the number of bugs and performance issues it has, and slow response time, it is very likely to frustrate more than thrill. If you're eager for a seven band EQ option on your phone, consider trying out this app; but be prepared for some issues.

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