Review: QuickVoice Recorder for iPhone provides easy voice recording

Quickly record, share, and save notes with this easy-to-use voice recorder.

The free version of QuickVoice Recorder for iPhone does very little that the built-in voice recorder for your phone doesn't already do. You can quickly and easily record your voice with the tap of a button, navigate the list of recordings you've taken, and share them with people via e-mail as a recording or a ringtone. Is this enough to replace the built-in tool that comes with the iPhone? Let's take a look.

Quick Voice Recorder has a very limited audience in its free iteration because it really just retreads the same basic functions of a built-in iOS app. While it does have more screen real estate and it is easier to navigate your recordings, the same limits apply, including the size of your file when sending by e-mail. With the added issue of not being able to transfer files through iTunes, many users will be immediately frustrated when trying to get large recordings off their phone. The interface is very easy to navigate--just tap to record and tap to share--but with few other tools to recommend it, there isn't much here you'll need.

The selling point seems to be the upgrade to the pro version of QuickVoice Recorder. The paid version includes a text-to-speech and speech-to-text feature that allows you to e-mail your recordings as text or vice versa. You also get a free copy of the computer software, as well. If you are considering QuickVoice Recorder, know that the lite version is too feature-barren to warrant a download, though it is a good test to see if you like the interface before paying for the full version.

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