Review: Create and manage to-do lists with the basic Plain Tasks for iPhone

Create and manage to-do lists with this basic iPhone app.

With so many to-do list apps for the iPhone, how do you know which ones are best suited for your needs? For the casual user, a free app is the best option, but there are hundreds of them to choose from, and some offer only marginal improvements over what Apple's Reminders app does. With Plain Tasks, you can enhance your to-do list creation without taking on dozens of tools you'll likely not need with this elementary yet effective, free app.

Plain Tasks operates exactly as you would expect. Upon opening, you are presented with a white screen and two options. Add a new task or delete the old ones. You can create a new list with the tap of a button, and by tapping any list you can easily add new tasks to that list. There are no dates or attachments for list items--just a title and description--but you can move them in terms of priority and there is an e-mail function to send your list to yourself or someone else. With bare-bones functionality and a sleek, intuitive design, Plain Tasks is clearly developed for people who don't need a robust to-do list or GTD system.

This version of Plain Tasks is free, so there are additional features available in the full version, but for those that want a basic task manager without too many bells and whistles and are eager to save money over pricey GTD apps, Plain Tasks is a good place to start. It offers decent upgrades over Reminders without being too robust to use casually.

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