Review: Create mosaics from your iPhone photo library using Photo Mosaic Maker Free

Create mosaics from your photo library with the tap of a button.

With so many apps offering photo editing in some form, it takes a unique function to warrant downloading yet another app on most people's phones. Photo Mosaic Maker Free does a decent job of offering such an experience with a very easy-to-use mosaic creation tool that pulls directly from your photo library, but is it enough to warrant the download or upgrade?

When you start Photo Mosaic Maker, you're presented with the upgrade screen outlining exactly what features are missing from the free version. You can then immediately start creating your first mosaics. Assuming you've linked your photo library to the app, you can choose one photo and the app will fill it in with the rest of your photos. The app recommends having at least 200 images in your library to maximize the effect, but it generally works quite well, even with fewer than that. If you have the free version of the app, you'll be limited in terms of exports and there is a watermark on every photo, so your options are much more limited; but the effect is still quite impressive.

Like many free trials, Photo Mosaic Maker Free is more of a demo than a lite version of a good app. The paid version allows you to remove the watermark and save higher resolution photos, both things you'll want if you plan on sharing these with anyone; but there are plenty of people for whom these mosaics will be a lot of fun to create. If you're interested in seeing how the app works, test it here. If you are eager for a free app that does everything out of the box, this is not it.

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