Review: Create notes and organize them by title or tag with Notes & Tags for iOS

Create notes and organize them by title or tag.

Notes & Tags attempts to provide a unique experience that builds on the platform used by note-taking apps like Evernote. Unfortunately, it does not offer enough new features or tools to go above and beyond Evernote, and because both are free, it's hard to recommend this new app over the former if you are already using it.

The app is very basic. It opens to a note-taking screen where you title and create a note. You can add tags for each note that will then be used for searching and organizing your notes. Each note can be e-mailed or opened in another app on your device that supports the function. The search box on the left side of the screen allows you to search by keyword or tags to organize your notes. All of this is good, but it doesn't go any further. The interface is elementary, but at times too rudimentary, and the feature list is very limited, not allowing notebook or category creation; and the rating system is turned off in the free app.

Notes & Tags attempts to provide a stripped-down experience based on other note-taking apps that use tags for organization. While its offline functionality is a welcome alternative to always-online tools like Evernote, it is still lacking too many features to be useful for most note-taking applications. If you are looking for a good, free alternative to the better-known tools on the App Store, Notes & Tags is not yet it.

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