Review: Mecrets adds extra protection for your iPhone data

Create passwords and encrypt your personal data on your iPhone.

If there's one weak security spot for most people, it is their phone. Carried everywhere and containing almost every major piece of personal information they have, a lost phone can be a security and privacy nightmare. So apps like Mecrets are very attractive, providing an extra layer of protection against loss or unauthorized access of your personal data on your phone.

Mecrets opens to a combination lock interface. The app quickly explains how to set your passwords on the combination lock, and while it is vaguely more complicated than a simple touch screen, the added complexity is welcome when you are storing and protecting things like bank account numbers and credit cards. After you set your master password you can start entering accounts. The device has predefined categories like credit cards, insurance, memberships, and Web log-ins among others. If you are not comfortable using the combination lock, there is a text entry form, as well to access your information, and for each entry you can set a secondary password.

Mecrets is not perfect. The interface is not always easy to use and the combination lock presented some issues when trying to accurately enter passwords. The text entry screen is nice to have but almost feels like it negates the purpose of the main lock. For a very low cost app, however, and for a tool that will protect vital information that you want to have on you at all times, but that shouldn't be accessible to someone if they find or steal your phone, this is a great app.

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